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27+ Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers: Ultimate Coffee Gifts

27+ Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers: Ultimate Coffee Gifts

Are you looking to impress the Coffee lover in your life? Then read on.

Coffee is so important to some people that their whole world literally revolves around those daily cups of coffee. Some people even go lengths by spending a fortune on their coffee and other coffee-related accessories. This article isn’t only about those who are downright addicts but also about those who love their coffee enough to never separate from it.

If you have many of these groups of people in your life and are contemplating what gift will be perfect for them, don’t worry because I got you covered. Being a coffee lover myself, I am convinced these awesome and ultimate gifts will put a smile on the faces of every coffee lover and trust me; the gesture won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Before diving in to find out what amazing Coffee Gift Baskets are good for your coffee connoisseur, let’s explore some of the health benefits of coffee. This list will help you understand why your coffee lover never forgets to have a cup and why some people can’t go one day without that sweet cup of joe.

If you are a coffee hater, don’t be surprised if you become a coffee lover after looking at this list of gifts you can quickly buy for the coffee lover in your life.

Ultimate Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

1. Premium Fresh-Roasted Coffee (Volanica Coffee)

Premium Fresh-Roasted Coffee (Volanica Coffee)

Yes, you can get a variety of gifts for coffee lovers. But the best coffee gift of all is ALWAYS just coffee. Let’s be real. As such, my absolute FAVORITE place to find AMAZING exotic blends and brews has to be Volcanica coffee here.

Sulawesi coffee? They have it. Peaberry blends? Got that too! Cuban, Dominican, Costa Rican, Nicaraguan, you name it… All the premium coffee brewing regions are represented here. 

2. Coffee inspired T-shirts

A beautiful t-shirt with great and amusing text on it is always a good gift idea. How about a beautiful coffee t-shirt that will always brighten the day of the coffee lover in your life? There are so many beautiful coffee-inspired t-shirts that you can find on online stores and your local stores.

3. Hot and Cold Coffee brewed system

Ninja hot and cold coffee brewed system

When in doubt, a premium coffee maker is a solid choice.

Before you drink that first cup of joe, it needs to be brewed. Choosing a great hot and cold coffee brewing system (iced coffee) for the coffee lover in your life will make them very happy. A great pick to go for is the Ninja hot and cold coffee brewed system.

This hot and cold-brewed system is a very versatile drink maker and can make full pots as well as single serves of coffee. This gift will be loved and valued by the coffee lover in your life. 

If you are looking to buy just a cold brew system because the coffee lover you hope to give it to loves cold brew, then the Cuisinart Cold brew system is a perfect choice. Some coffee lovers love cold brew so much that it never really matters if the temperature is 10 degrees outside. The Cuisinart Cold Brew coffee maker costs about $99.99 on target and will be greatly appreciated by your coffee lover.

Coffee Fan Machines to Considers:

4. Coffee Mugs

coffee mugs

Anyone who loves coffee drinks perhaps already has a variety of coffee mugs and this is probably the last thing you can think of gifting them. Trust me when I say there is still room for more coffee mugs but I’m not talking about just any old coffee mug.

I am talking about coffee mugs that will stand out and coffee mugs that have funny sayings on them. Some good coffee mugs that will be much appreciated by your coffee lover include; “Coffee is coming”  Mug and the “Caffeine is the new black” mug. There are a variety of other mugs available for you to choose from but these two are great choices.

Premium Option? Get them a Coffee Travel Mug.

5. Caffeine Molecule Necklaces

Rosa Vila Caffeine Necklace, Coffee Necklace, Caffeine Molecule Necklace for Coffee Lovers, Science Necklace for Chemistry Lovers, Coffee Gifts for Women, Coffee Lovers Gifts (Rose Gold Tone)

Is the coffee lover in your life a science nerd? Then look no further. The Caffeine Molecule Necklace has a simple design that will be loved by most coffee lovers especially those that are science nerds. This is also a perfect choice if you feel like the coffee lover in your life already has all the coffee-related things you can think of. You may also want to see some of the best jewelries available at PR Jones Jewellers for you and your loved ones!

There are very slim chances that they already have this. This caffeine molecule necklace comes in different tones and gives you the option of picking one that will perfectly suit the coffee lover in your life.

 This Caffeine molecule necklace cost about $30.98 on Etsy. The Rosa Vila Caffeine Molecule Necklace is a cheaper option if you are looking for something more affordable.  You can buy from Amazon at $14.80. The necklace is available in gold-tone, rose gold-tone, silver-tone, and carbon black.

Another great choice of necklaces is the coffee bean necklace. This necklace which is inspired by the coffee bean will also serve as a great necklace choice for your coffee lover. You can get this for about $45 on Etsy.

6. Chewable Coffee Cubes

GO CUBES Energy Chew

Chewable coffee cubes are another great gift for those who are addicted to the brew. These chewable coffee cubes are good for people who are always busy but want to satisfy their caffeine urge. A good option to go for is the GO CUBES Energy Chew. These small bite-size coffee cubes are flavorful and very easy to carry around.

They help to keep energy levels up especially in situations where you may not have access to a cup of coffee. Don’t be surprised if this becomes their new favorite and start to replace the frequent cups. The GO CUBES Energy Chew cost about $37.05 on Amazon.

7. Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder is another great gift choice for the coffee lover in your life. This is especially the case if they love buying whole beans to grind. Most coffee lovers say freshly ground coffee tastes better. A good coffee grinder to consider is the Khaw-Fee Manual Coffee Grinder with Conical Ceramic Burr.

Although they may already have a coffee grinder, this hand grinder is small, lightweight, and easy to travel with. Because of the little noise produced when using this coffee grinder, it is great everywhere, from your kitchen to a quiet working environment.

This coffee grinder can be gotten at about $27.7 on Amazon and is definitely something you should think about getting for your coffee lover.

8. Natural Beechwood Coffee Grinder

The natural beechwood coffee grinder is equally a good option but a rather expensive one. Costing about $135 on Food 52, this coffee grinder will most definitely be loved by every coffee lover. The coffee grinder lets you grind coffee with minimal heat and you can adjust to determine the precise grind you want for your coffee. Isn’t that awesome? Check it out if you need good quality and durable coffee grinder.

9. Coffee exfoliating soap

Coffee Exfoliating Soap

It is an awesome idea to include a coffee exfoliating scrub soap for your coffee lover to include in their morning or night routine. This scrub will draw them closer to the coffee they already love and will definitely keep them clean. A good coffee exfoliating scrub you should consider is the lovely vegan soap coffee scrub soap. This soap costs about $7 on Etsy and is a very affordable gift choice.

You can also consider buying a coffee exfoliating scrub like the Organic Coffee Exfoliating Scrub. This exfoliating Scrub is equally an affordable choice that costs about $10.95 on Etsy.

10. Coffee Sandals

Imagine the coffee lover in your life moving around their home with a cup of coffee and some cute coffee sandals you gifted them. Solid combination don’t ya think?  A coffee sandal you can bet on is the Haffinger Coffee slipper. These bad boys cost about $80.95 at Nordstrom

11. Coffee Chop board

Coffee Wooden Kitchen Cutting Board - gifts for coffee lovers

 How about bringing a coffee chop board to the kitchen of your coffee lover? This coffee chop board will serve as a reminder to them that they need to have their coffee every day. Maybe you will equally come to mind every time they use the chopping board. A “But First COFFEE” chop board is a perfect choice. This cost about $35 on Etsy. You have just purchased a beautiful wood cutting board. You have heard that maintaining a wood cutting board is different from how you clean a glass one. Now you can give as a gift an amazon mineral oil to keep your board in good condition.

12. Coffee Shower Curtain

Brayden Studio The Glass Mountain Coffee by The Glass Mountain Shower Curtain

 Is your coffee lover one who always carries a cup of coffee with them everywhere they go? If you answer YES to this question, then a coffee shower curtain will be the best gift idea for them. This coffee shower curtain will also serve as a reminder that a beautiful cup of joe is on its way while adding some style to the restroom.

 13. Coffee lip balm

image 0

A coffee lip balm is an amazing gift idea for a female coffee lover. A great choice to make is the organic lip balm from Mountains Handmade. This balm is a great way for the sweet aroma of coffee to stay close to them all day long. This is an affordable choice and it costs about $5 on Etsy.

14. Coffee dress

Coffee Graphic Sleep Shirt | FOREVER21 - 2000104777

If you do not want to offer a coffee t-shirt, then a fashionable coffee dress or these 2022 mermaid prom dresses for sale may be a good option. Do they love fashion and coffee too? Then, this dress from forever 21 will be a perfect gift choice for them..

15. Coffee Soy Candle

A coffee Soy candle is a great gift that will be greatly appreciated by every coffee lover. Burning a coffee candle will leave the air in your room filled with the refreshing smell of coffee. The appeal that the coffee soy candles give is irresistible. 

16. Coffee Travel Mug

Zojirushi travel Mug

A Coffee travel mug is a great gift for any coffee lover who is always on the move. A good Coffee Travel Mug to consider is the Zojirushi travel Mug. This Mug is a great way to keep coffee hot while avoiding any accidental spills and burns that could happen while traveling. 

Another travel coffee mug to consider is the Uhome Coffee Mug. This mug is one that will be admired and loved by every coffee lover. This is not your regular travel mug. This mug is shaped like a canon camera and is very eye-catching. It is a great travel companion and can cause some interesting looks when people think you are drinking out of a camera lens. 

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug
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17. Suitcase Cupholder

This cup holder that fits perfectly onto your rolling suitcase handle:

Another great gift for a coffee lover who is always traveling is the suitcase cup holder. This cup holder will allow them to travel and enjoy their coffee at the same time. With this cup holder, they don’t have to worry about where to keep their coffee when traveling.

18. Coffee Cup warmer

Enjoy warm coffee or tea, from first sip to last. I like that it is it b/c I'm such a pokey coffee drinker!

If you know any of those coffee lovers that always get too busy and their coffee ends up cold in the process, then gifting them a coffee cup warmer is an excellent idea. A coffee cup warmer will be there to help them always enjoy their coffee as hot as it was when it was brewed. There are a variety of options available in different online stores and local stores for you to choose from.

19. Temperature Control Ceramic cup

A temperature control ceramic cup is another sweet gift choice for your coffee lover. This cup costs about $79.99 on Amazon and has temperature control that leaves your coffee hot until you have completely finished it. Pretty sweet right?

20. Coffee Scale and Timer

A coffee scale and timer is a gift that will be sure appreciated by every coffee lover. A coffee scale and timer is a great way to make your coffee very consistent. A good choice is the Hario Coffee Scale and Timer. This is a battery-powered scale with a built-in digital timer. 

21. Coffee Bean Roaster

FreshRoast Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster

A coffee bean roaster is also a great gift idea for coffee lovers. Some people prefer to roast their coffee at home and as such need to use a good coffee roaster. A great choice to consider for your coffee lover is the Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum Coffee Roaster. This coffee roaster is stink-free as it doesn’t fill the house with the smell of roasted or burning coffee. It has 5 customizable roast settings and costs about $369 on Amazon.

If Behmor 1600 Plus Customizable Drum coffee roaster is way above your budget, then you can consider buying the FreshRoast Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster.

22. Coffee pod storage

k cup holder

Some coffee lovers just stock their coffee pods in their cupboards or on top of their kitchen counters. If your loved one falls in this groovy group of people, then it will be a great idea to gift them a coffee pod storage. This coffee pod storage will enable them to arrange their coffee while equally showcasing the different coffee brands they have.

A good coffee pod storage you can consider is the K-cup coffee pod storage. This coffee pod storage can take up to 24 coffee pods and has a spinning carousel holder. This helps them to quickly access their coffee especially in times when they are in a hurry.

23. Coffee bean Saver

Evak Fresh Saver Airless Canister

If your loved one is one of those people who open up coffee bags and end up not closing it properly thus making the coffee go stale, then a perfect gift for them will be a coffee bean saver. The Evak Fresh Saver Airless Canister is a perfect choice for them to save their coffee beans. This keeps your coffee free from any air contact while maintaining its original flavor. This gift will most definitely be appreciated by your loved one.

24. Coffee Milk Frother

MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother

Do you know of someone who enjoys drinking the creamy latte, cappuccinos, and hot chocolates, then you can help them create their own frothy milk incorporated in their drink by gifting them a milk frother? MatchaDNA Handheld Electric Milk Frother is a perfect choice for you to buy for them. This handheld battery-operated milk frother creates foam for homemade lattes, hot chocolates, and cappuccino.

25. Death Wish Ground Coffee

Death Wish ground coffee

If you are thinking of what gift to give to your coffee lover, then the Death Wish ground coffee is a great idea. This coffee is known to be the strongest coffee in the world. Making them have a taste of this and finding out what their impressions were could be fun.

This USDA Certified Organic and Fairtrade coffee is a selection of the finest coffee beans that have been carefully roasted. This choice is especially good for those who like to brew strong. 

26. Coffee ice tray

Fred Cool Beans Coffee Ice tray

If your loved one loves to have coffee iced, then a good coffee ice tray will be a great gift. A good coffee ice tray to consider is the Fred Cool Beans Coffee Ice tray. This ice tray will allow them to make ice from coffee and it is shaped like a coffee bean. This coffee ice tray is also made of silicone making it easy to pop out ice cubes. This costs $7 on Amazon and is an affordable gift choice.

27. Coffee Beard Balm

Beardsman Oil Co Beard Balm- Cuban Coffee 2oz

A coffee beard balm is a great gift for your coffee lover. A good choice is the Beardsman Oil Co. Cuban Coffee Beard Balm. This beard balm is made with coffee and other natural ingredients cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax, and hemp seed oil. This beard balm is definitely something to consider if you are looking for a great gift for your loved one. It costs about $18 on Etsy.

28. Books on Coffee

book by James Hoffman

You can also gift your coffee lover a book that includes different coffee recipes and other useful information on coffee. They will be interested in knowing more about it. A great book choice to get for them is the World Atlas of Coffee. This book by James Hoffman is the most comprehensive book about coffee and will definitely grab the attention of every coffee lover. This books gives explanations on the different coffee origin and equally breaks down different roasting techniques. This book will definitely be a treasured gift. It is available on Amazon at $32

“Brew Better Coffee at home is equally another great book you can consider gifting to your loved one. This book by Brian W. Jones offers all the great tips on how to brew and enjoy coffee. He also gives tips on how to buy the best coffee and the best coffee equipment. This book is equally available on Amazon for $17.

The list of fantastic coffee gifts could go on forever. However, we were able to select our best gift ideas to help you make an educated and informed choice. Each one of these products is awesome and can make any coffee lovers day!

Which gift do you think will make the coffee lover in your life happy?

Stay Caffeinated!

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