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Crave Better Espresso? The Ultimate Nespresso Pixie Review

Crave Better Espresso? The Ultimate Nespresso Pixie Review

Want excellent coffee and a true cup of espresso, right at home? Then the Nespresso Pixie may be a coffeemaker for you. While the Nespresso Pixie does use capsules, it should not be confused with a Keurig or any other capsule type of coffeemaker because it really is an entirely different animal.

The Taste

One big difference between the Nespresso and ‘other’ capsule coffeemakers is the taste. Made in Switzerland, Nespresso is actually the world leader in coffee capsules and capsule-based machines.

Most people agree that Nespresso brews up coffee that tastes better than coffee from any other home brewer. It also offers up a true espresso with a beautiful, brown crema on top.

The Machine

Nespresso Pixie

After the taste, the next best thing about the Nespresso machine is the lack of maintenance. If you hate cleaning a coffeemaker, keep reading.

As with other capsule or pad coffeemakers, with the Nespresso you do not have to spend your precious morning minutes messing with ground coffee and then cleaning the grounds from the machine. With this machine, the only true maintenance you have to perform is the occasional de-scaling and, of course, emptying of the internal bin when it is filled with used capsules.

If you have used a Krups or Cuisinart espresso maker in the past you know that they consistently make good coffee but are hard to keep clean. The Nespresso makes great coffee and is easy to clean. A win-win. The Nespresso has an excellent frother and it makes lattes quickly.

And of course, with all of the pods, you can find a number of different varieties of coffee to fit your tastes. Many people dislike other types of coffee capsules because they cannot be recycled. Nespresso actually recycles the capsules for you, for free.

As its name implies, the Pixie is just that, small. It takes up a lot less space than your average coffeemaker and it has a playful, modern design that looks great on your counter (and when all the lights are on it looks very cool!). It also has very few components (due to its small footprint) so there are fewer things to go wrong with your machine.

The machine has one-button technology. Simply put in a coffee capsule of your choice, and then press a button. You can press the button once to get hot milk or press and hold the button for cold. This is instant one touch technology.

The Pixie comes in four different colors: carmine (a red), titanium, steel and aluminum. When you order a new Pixie it comes with a starter package of 16 capsules, so you will have enough coffee for a few days, right off the bat. Currently Nespresso offers 30 different varieties of coffee capsules to choose from.

Ease of Use

The machine makes it easy to have a quick, delicious cup of coffee or espresso each day; it will provide you with a shot of espresso in just 30 seconds!

Note that you do have the option of purchasing the Nespresso Pixie with the Aeroccino Plus; if you have the Aeroccino, you can make delicious cappuccinos and lattes in just minutes.

With the Nespresso Pixie, you can brew two different cup sizes: espresso and lungo. The lungo is about twice the volume of the espresso; of course, this makes the larger size a bit weaker. While it’s not exactly a ‘weak’ drink, it’s just not as strong as the espresso. For shots of espresso, it offers three sizes: one, two, or three ounces.

There is no preheating with the Nespresso, either. It is ready to brew in just 15 seconds (faster than nearly all of the other comparable models out there). And the Pixie has an auto shut off; this means it will not sit there powered on all day if you forget to turn it off.


There are a couple of downsides to the Nespresso machine. First, they are a bit expensive. They also tend to have a shorter lifespan than other types of capsule or pod coffeemakers.

As to the expense, while you may pay a little more upfront for the machine, it may end up saving you in the long run. If you are someone who purchases espressos often at your neighborhood coffee shop, it may indeed save you big. Every time you have an espresso at home, it saves you money (and that money will add up, paying for your Pixie in no time!). You can usually purchase several pods from Nespresso for less than what you’d pay for one ‘fancy’ drink at your local coffee shop. Each pod from Nespresso costs about 60 cents, so you do the math.

Many owners say the Pixies often need to be repaired within the warranty period (the Pixie comes with a one -year warranty). But on the upside, Nespresso has excellent customer service (a live person answers your call, usually on the first ring) and they will typically send you a loaner machine (overnight post!) paying for shipping for both machines, while you wait to have yours repaired.

Some Nespresso Pixie owners complain about the noise, others say the Nespresso is no louder than any other espresso machine they have ever used. The noise only occurs during the brewing cycle, so in less than a minute, no more noise.

Of course, since the Pixie is a ‘mini’ machine, it does just make one cup of coffee at a time, which irritates some people. If you prefer to brew a pot, you may want to choose a different coffeemaker.

Additionally, some people purchase the Pixie expecting it to come with the Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother. It does not come standard on the Pixie, but you can purchase ‘sets’ that include it or you can simply buy the frother as an add-on.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker
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Why You’ll Love It

Nespresso owners are passionate about their machines, and for good reason. If you have never had a cup from a Nespresso machine, I suggest you try one. Once you do, you will be heading out to buy one (or heading to your computer to order one). It turns out delicious coffee; a perfect cup every time.

The machine is very easy to use and it turns out some amazing espressos. The foamer is also very simple to figure out and use, and it makes excellent foam. Owners of Nespresso coffeemakers highly recommend the Pixie. They love the convenience of making their own espressos at home, quickly and easily. If you have the Aeroccino add-on, it is also quick and easy to make a latte.

You can order pods pretty simply with your Nespresso account (or shop around online for even better deals). Oftentimes, though, Nespresso offers promos via their iPhone app or with your Nespresso ‘club’ membership. As Nespresso’s patent for their coffee capsules has expired, you now have the choice to purchase capsules from third parties. These are compatible with your Pixie.

With the frother, you have the option for both hot and cold frothing. There aren’t many espresso makers that give you this option, especially at the price point of the Pixie. The Aeroccino lets you create light or creamy froth (up to you) just by adding hot or cold skim milk and pressing a button. It can give you an instant shot of espresso with milk froth as you’d get at a coffee bar.

The Bottom Line


If you want a coffeemaker that will deliver instant, fresh, foamy lattes and espressos but hate the idea of purchasing a very expensive, top-of-the-line espresso maker, the Pixie is the way to go. It is especially perfect for you if you prefer to brew single cups over a pot of coffee.

The  Nespresso Pixie is extremely easy to use; it gives you amazing froth and brews a quick cup of your favorite Nespresso in under a minute. It looks great on your counter and takes up very little space.

What’s not to love?

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