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Funny Coffee Mugs Ideas That Make an Excellent Present

Funny Coffee Mugs Ideas That Make an Excellent Present

Today I’m going to be providing you with some inspiration for funny coffee mugs. If you’re interested in finding ways to make people laugh or make more money for your Amazon or Etsy store, then you’d best pay close attention.

But before we get to the formalities, let’s talk a little more about coffee.

Coffee has been drunk since 800 A.D., which is just an incredible statistic, and its longevity speaks to the benefits of the drink. Something that’s not surprising to anyone who’s read our Rainforest Coffee Guide is that Brazil grows the most coffee in the world.

Have You Ever Heard of the Boston Tea Party?

This historical event actually popularised the drinking of coffee in the United States of America. Switching from a cup of grey to a mug of Joe became a patriotic duty of sorts, and the benefit of caffeine energizing tired soldiers wasn’t a bad side-effect.

Most of us drink coffee every day to kickstart our morning enjoyably and energetically. But you can really take your coffee drinking experience up a notch with the right mug. There are many mugs out there, but what’s better than one that puts a smile on your face. It’s the perfect way to start the day, and people will pay to buy a great mug.

Unfortunately, it’s still understatedly challenging to create a stylish, fun coffee mug design if you’ve no idea where to begin. That’s why I’d strongly urge you to continue reading this blog post. It’s sure to get your creative juices flowing and boost your revenue!

How to Come Up with Funny Coffee Mug Ideas

Funny coffee mug

I saw a funny card recently for a friend that was ill. Here’s a screenshot of the card and a link to buy the product.

Cards are a great form of inspiration. I like this get well soon card because of its rhyming aspect: mugs, hugs, and effective drugs. There’s a sibilance with the “s” sound and, of course, a witty little rhyme that would make anyone smile. Perfect for a friend that’s stuck in a hospital bed listening to a ticking clock all day.

Anyway, why not use it for inspiration to create a funny coffee mug? Or consider using a quote that you find funny. Something from a tv show like the office could work well here. If all else fails, why not use an image to provoke some priceless laughter. There are plenty of funny coffee mug painting ideas out there.

A List of Funny Coffee Mug Ideas

There are a whole host of situations in life that call for a funny coffee mug that’s sure to put a smile on even the glummest of faces. I’ve been told that insult humor, random humor, and inappropriate humor are the best types of funny coffee mugs – by a very trusted source.

Funny Coffee Mug Ideas For Co-Workers

Etsy coffee mugs

The funny coffee mug for a co-worker is a timeless classic. Apparently, coffee gives your personality a real boost which makes you get along better with co-workers.

Who knew?

So, it would help if you had a hilarious coffee mug to sweeten the deal. Also, any great coffee mug for a co-worker is lighthearted and, of course, acceptable in the workplace. Share a laugh over something you both struggle with routinely. Or perhaps make a joke about something you do together often. We all have something quirky and fun we only seem to say or do with one person.

Perhaps a coffee mug idea that’ll make everyone in the canteen gag could be about a memory of an awkward customer. Or a common theme you notice about your customers.

Maybe joke about something your co-workers struggle doing and don’t take too seriously. For example, they may not be punctual at work. If all else fails, you could go for the classic world’s best work buddy – a little bit of sarcasm always makes colleagues chuckle.

Funny Personalised Coffee Mugs

Everyone loves a funny coffee mug. It can be an icebreaker in a lot of work-related scenarios. It also puts smiles on peoples’ faces when they may be feeling a little down. So, all in all, there’s a lot to be said about a funny coffee cup.

An eCommerce idea is selling coffee mugs with personalized messaging. That way, you’re giving people the option to make their own funny message and take some stress off of yourself to create humourous coffee cups constantly. If you’re a business owner, that is.

In short, personalized coffee mugs make things a little more interesting, especially when you’re sitting down to enjoy a mug of your favorite brew and notice someone opposite you donning a mug with their name on it. Therefore, a personalized saying on your coffee mug is without question one of the best ways to make sure your cup gets a giggle.

Funny Coffee Mug Ideas for Adults

Here’s where you’ve got scope to be a little more out there with what you’re going to say. Jokes here can concern alcohol and a funny memory that’s sure to cause a friend some low-level embarrassment.

It would be best if you said nothing offensive here, but silly, rude humor is ok. The key thing is not saying something unintentionally nasty that people might take personally – use your filter. Make it something generic that won’t upset anyone.

I recommend you check out They specialize in creating rude coffee mugs that make people chuckle. So, you’ll leave their site with a lot of ideas. People appear to enjoy making funny rude mugs going by what I’ve seen online. If you’re searching for cups for adults, you probably had something a little bit inappropriate in mind. 

Most people would agree that people can get on your nerves sometimes. I looked at this mug from Last Drop Mugs and felt it had this relaxing aura like, “I’m glad somebody said it.” Not quite sure how they came to common sense being like deodorant, though, but it does work.

Pretty hilarious coffee mug for adults that readers might enjoy

There are so many things to love about this mug. First off, it’s pretty hilarious and definitely a coffee mug for adults. Not quite sure you’d get away with this in every workplace. Nevertheless, I’d consider buying this mug for a grandparent or a friend that’s left their 20s. What better gift on a 30th birthday than to remind someone they’re getting older!

Funny Coffee Mugs for Guys

An idea for a coffee mug that’s sure to make a man chuckle usually evolves around beards and silly humor. Fun coffee cups for men are typically concocted using all the suggestions within this post and making them relatable to men.

Think about playing on gendered stereotypes. I saw one mug on Google that said, “don’t hate me because I’m beardiful”. That’s a great example of using something specifically related to being a man and making a lighthearted joke out of it.

Other funny mug ideas for men include humor related to hair (loss), sport, and fatherhood. These truly are all things men can relate to, and the more relatable your joke is, the better it’ll resonate with your audience.

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

Coffee Mug for Guys

I liked this mug from Society6. I can imagine myself buying it for one of the lads. Obviously, not everyone is a drinker, but if your male friend, partner, or family member is, then they’re sure to get a good laugh out of a goofy, drink-related statement.

Here's a pretty hilarious coffee mug for a dad

Who doesn’t roll their eyes at and smile at childish humor?

I found this mug on Pinterest, and it does appear to have been created by ThisWear, so do check out more of their products on Amazon. Consider this cup or something like it for a quick-witted father’s day mug that’s sure to have people beaming while rolling their eyes.

Funny Coffee Mugs for Women

You can probably tell what I’m going to say here, but laugh-worthy coffee mugs for women are created using the same concepts as men. You want to ask yourself: what’s something that most, if not all, women can relate to?

Being a mother is a start. Secondly, women tend to have long hair, so you could create a cup based on that. A great coffee mug for anyone would be an appreciation post. Make it personal to the friend or loved one. Perhaps mention a quirk you both have or something that you laugh about often. A mug for your mother, grandmother, cousin, or sister is never a bad shout either.

Funny Covid Mugs

A lot of people might enjoy a coffee mug to remember something they hated about COVID in a lighthearted way. People can benefit from nostalgia, and given how awful COVID lockdown was for so many, your mug is sure to strike a chord.

One thing I’ve noticed about COVID mugs is how respectful people are. I think all mug designs should respect that people died during the pandemic and acknowledge the incredible strain it’s put on people. Thus, it’s a good idea to keep it kind and playful.

Here are a few funny cup gift ideas to commemorate COVID.

Covid Mug

I like this gift idea because it captures the whole vaccinated vs unvaccinated debate during the vaccine rollout. It’s pretty sassy, and it’d catch your eye if you saw someone drinking it.

However, there is a risk people might find the issue sensitive. So probably not the best to drink outside your home. Overall though, I think it’s a good example of remembering COVID in a lighthearted way.

Funny Coffee Mugs for Teachers

Are you looking to brighten up your teaching day? Let’s see if we can help with some inspiration.

Most of us have been to school for some length. So we have an idea of how frustrated teachers can get. When I was 17 in secondary school, I could never get over my teachers’ patience. Their faces would be bright red, ears whistling out steam and still keep their composure.

A funny coffee mug about how frsutrating and difficult teaching can be. Comparing the profession to having superpowers is funny

So that’s why when I saw this mug, I had to laugh. Comparing teachers to superheroes is a lot of the time, not far off. I definitely can see the resemblance because I most certainly couldn’t teach. Without question, this mug is a thoughtful way of recognizing the good work teachers do.


Question: Where can I buy a funny coffee mug?

Answer: You can pick up a funny coffee mug at a great price on the likes of Etsy and Amazon. If you’re not interested in using an online marketplace, then why not use some Google near me suggestions. Alternatively, you can buy from brands such as CafePress and I Want One of Those (IWOOT). If all else fails, typing “buy funny coffee mugs” into Google images will give you lots of options.

Question: What is the largest coffee mug size?

Answer: I don’t know the answer to this offhand. I suppose it differs from brand to brand. However, a company called KeepCup sells coffee cups that can hold 454ml or 16oz. All in all, that’s a lot of coffee and should give you an idea of what to expect concerning large funny coffee mugs.

Question: What is a funny coffee saying?

Answer: A funny coffee saying is a vague thing to describe. What I might find funny, you may find dull or boring. Therefore, a good coffee saying has to resonate with an audience. So that means you’ll need to think about the people you’re creating the joke for. Are these people parents, athletes, students, family, and so on. By understanding this information, you can create a hilarious coffee mug caption that leaves your readers in floods of tears.

Question: Is it profitable to make mugs?

Answer: Yes, it can be profitable to make mugs. Granted that’s always the place hence you’ll need a great plan and something that sets you apart from the competition. According to ToughNickel, there’s a significant amount of money to be made from selling coffee cups.

Question: Where can I buy cheap funny coffee mugs?

Answer: Similar to what I said before, your best bet is to look for a bargain on Amazon or Etsy. But it’s never a bad idea to enter what you’re looking for into Google images and see what pops up. That’s probably the best way of finding cheap funny coffee mugs.

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