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Best Wolf Coffee Makers We Totally Recommend For Your Home

Best Wolf Coffee Makers We Totally Recommend For Your Home

We’ve heard all about a brand that gives you the coffee shop experience right in your home. Do you know all the rage about Wolf coffee makers? We’re excited to tell you about what exactly Wolf coffee machines are and why they’re worth the price.

We’ll also show you three coffee maker products by Wolf based on their ease of use and overall functionality, so you can see their top-quality design and why coffee connoisseurs can’t get enough. Let’s sit back and get started!

Wolf Coffee Makers at a Glance

We’d like to show you these 3 Wolf coffee maker products to start, all part of the Wolf coffee system. These can be pricy, but if you have extra money to spend on a luxurious product, these are the coffee makers for you. In terms of versatility, best bargain, and best overall product, these three choices will let you live out your barista fantasies.

Best Overall: Wolf Coffee System

Most Versatile: Wolf Gourmet Programmable Coffee Maker System

About the Wolf Brand

When you’re buying a luxurious product, it’s important to understand a little background information on the brand that made it. We’ll give you the highlights of Wolf so you can see how this brand got its name as a top-rated coffee maker.

wolf coffee system

What the Wolf Brand Does

This high-end brand didn’t start by making fancy coffee products. Wolf began as a refrigerator company before expanding to produce other kitchen-related products. Since the 1940s, Wolf has been dedicated to providing the most high-quality products available through every new item they make.

Where Wolf Operates

Wolf was founded in Madison, Wisconsin. Since the 1940s, Wolf has stayed headquartered in Madison, where they continue to grow their brand. Though Madison is Wolf’s hometown, the brand now has facilities across the Midwest.

How Wolf Came to Be

A man named Westye Bakke kickstarted Wolf in the 1930s when he began experimenting with refrigerator models. In large part, Bakke was inspired to successfully make a high-quality refrigerator on his own as a way to store insulin for his son.

By the 1940s, others had taken note of how successful Bakke’s refrigerator maker had become, and the Wolf brand was a success. Gradually, Wolf expanded to produce other products for the kitchen, each as top-quality as the last. As a brand that has withstood the test of time, Wolf is proud to still have a strong and growing customer base today.

Benefits of Wolf Built-In Coffee Systems

wolf coffee machine

Now that you understand how Wolf is a premium brand that has been trusted since the 1940s, we’re ready to share the benefits of a Wolf built-in coffee system. These coffee systems will change the way you think of making coffee in your home. With the Wolf coffee system, you can have coffee makers better than what they have at the café.


One of the biggest selling points of a Wolf coffee machine is their high-quality design and construction. Their coffee makers are available in stainless steel or black glass, and both models are excellently crafted.

Additionally, being a pricier brand, Wolf can pull all the stops with coffee makers that will:

  • Brew hot water from 1 to 12 ounces
  • Use whole or ground coffee
  • Perform self-plumbing with a built-in water tank
  • Grind coffee with its 13-setting built-in grinder
  • Effortlessly make:
    • Hot coffee
    • Espressos
    • Cappuccinos
    • Lattes
    • And More

Wolf’s products are rigorously tested for quality before they ever see the inside of your home. By putting their coffee makers thoroughly in their testing phases, Wolf can ensure impressive quality control over their product line.

Hot Water on Demand

Are you tired of waiting around in the morning for your coffee pot to finally start brewing? A Wolf coffee maker can make hot water as soon as you need it. Being able to give you hot water on demand means you’ll be spending less time waiting for the coffee to be done and more time drinking coffee brewed to perfection. You can brew as little as 1 ounce or as much as 12 ounces at a time.

Amazing Warranty

The Wolf brand understands that their coffee maker products are an investment, which is why they want your investment to be protected. As far a luxury coffee maker brands go, Wolf has amazing warranties. Many of their products are covered by at least a 1 to 2-year full-coverage warranty with limited 5-year warranties in effect, too.

Get the Coffee Shop Experience at Home

What’s the most exciting aspect of owning a Wolf coffee system or coffee maker? You’ll be able to experience having a real coffee shop right in your home. Since the coffee system can make much more than regular coffee (such as espressos and cappuccinos), you’ll feel the relaxing coffee shop atmosphere each morning.

How Do You Install a Wolf Coffee System?

wolf coffee system install

The easy way to install a Wolf coffee system is to have a member of their installation team install the product for you. Having a professional install your coffee system means you won’t have a headache trying to decipher instructions, and your coffee maker will be ready much faster.

It is written on Wolf’s instruction guide for installing coffee systems that their coffee systems must be installed by a professional. There are a lot of moving parts to a Wolf coffee system, and trying to install one by yourself can be dangerous.

Once your coffee system is already installed, be sure not to stack items on top of it. There are vents on the top of this coffee system, and blocking them could cause a malfunction. Keeping your coffee system in top shape will mean you’ll need fewer repairs in the future.

The Wolf Coffee System

wolf coffee machine

We’ll start deep diving into Wolf’s coffee maker products by first taking a look at the Wolf coffee system. This coffee system offers loads of customizability, so each cup of coffee you make will be just right. We’ll go over the features and benefits of the Wolf coffee system below.


  • What exactly can this coffee system do? It can:
  • Make coffee with whole beans or ground beans
  • Grind whole coffee beans in a 13-setting stainless burr grinder
  • Make hot water on demand
  • Product hot coffee, espressos, cappuccino, and more
  • Make coffee anywhere from extra mild to extra strong
  • Use accurate timers to ensure your cup of coffee is perfect
  • And much more!

Using your coffee system to receive the benefits of all these great functions is easy! The buttons and screen are user-friendly so that you’ll have an easy time making the perfect cup even from day 1.


Though both coffee system models from Wolf come in the same design, there are two different types to choose from. One coffee system is available in stainless steel, and the other is available in black glass. Don’t let the black glass fool you into thinking it is any less durable than the stainless steel!

Both products, at the same price, were rigorously engineered to be incredibly long-lasting. Depending on the other appliances in your kitchen, you can decide if stainless steel or black glass coffee systems would look best.


We have an entire guide for cleaning the mineral deposits out of your Wolf coffee maker listed below in the FAQ section; however, here are some easy tips for general maintenance. These coffee systems aren’t difficult to maintain, but proper care should be taken to make sure these products last for a long time.

Our best tips are:

  • Don’t put any part of this coffee system in the dishwasher
  • Read the instructions that come with your coffee system for a cleaning guide
  • Remove the water filter from the reservoir before attempting to clean it with vinegar
  • Regularly clean your coffee system, so it stays in pristine condition

Wolf Coffee System Accessories

wolf coffee maker with drawer

You are going to be blown away by this next product (we were.) Do you know how your cold coffee mug has a habit of making your coffee cold, too? Particularly on chilly mornings? Say goodbye to that! Wolf has a cup warming drawer that keeps your cups warm before you ever pour the coffee in.


  • Some highlights of the functionality for the Wolf cup warmer include:
  • Pull-out drawer installed in your Wolf coffee system for easy storage
  • Keeps cups warm so they will not make the coffee cold when you pour it
  • Temperature controls that range between 85° F to 175° F
  • Automatic shut off and delayed start options
  • Nonslip mat keeps cups and glasses from moving around and clinking together
  • The cup warmer is a perfect companion to the Wolf coffee system. The installation team that installs your coffee system can also install the coffee warmer on the same day.


Similar to the Wolf coffee system, the cup warmers come in two colors. You’ll be able to choose between a stainless steel and black glass cup warmer to match your coffee system! The cup warmer’s high-quality design makes it a desirable commodity with the already impressive coffee system.


Make sure the cup warming drawer is entirely off before you clean it. To make sure your drawer is thoroughly clean and will stay looking as beautiful as the day you bought it, here are some simple tips:

  • Use hot water, a gentle dish soap, and a gentle cloth to clean your cup warmer
  • After cleaning the warmer a cloth and soap, thoroughly rinse it with a cloth and warm water
  • Never attempt to put any part of your Wolf cup warmer in the dishwasher

Wolf Portable Coffee Maker

wolf coffee maker portable

The last product on our list is the portable coffee maker from Wolf. Being portable doesn’t mean it cuts any quarters when it comes to the Wolf brand’s high-quality standard.


This portable coffee maker can brew up to 10 cups of coffee at one time, so you definitely won’t be running out by noon. This particular model can:

  • Brew 10 cups of coffee in 7 minutes
  • Spray water across all coffee grinds evenly
  • Hold 50 ounces of water in the reservoir
  • Keep coffee hot given the stainless-steel construction


Unlike the Wolf coffee system and Wolf cup warmer, this portable coffee pot does not come in black glass. These coffee pots are made of stainless steel, which makes them a wonderful insulator so they can keep coffee warm.


We always recommend reading the instruction manual carefully when you buy a product as expensive as this, and that goes for cleaning instructions, too. It’s always best to see what the manufacturer has decided are the most important steps for keeping your coffee maker clean.

With that in mind, some helpful tips for keeping your Wolf coffee maker clean are:

  • Never put any part of your Wolf coffee maker in the dishwasher
  • Clean with warm water and gentle dish soap

What Beans or Grounds Does this System Use?

The Wolf Coffee System grinds your beans in-house and then proceeds to brew them. Simply add your beans to the grinder side and select your preferred settings. You can, however, use pre-ground beans. Just add them to the brewing chamber.

The system doesn’t take sachets or pods of any kind and doesn’t brew tea. So do not insert tea bags, loose tea, or pods of any kind or you risk ruining the machine.

Tips for Beans and Grounds

  • use whole and fresh beans when you can
  • the drier the better
  • avoid wet or oily beans
  • pre-grind your espresso beans

Best Alternatives to Wolf Coffee Systems

Not interested in a Wolf coffee machine? Here are a few comparable options.

Miele PureLine M-Touch Series CVA6805

This company has been in the coffee business for over a decade and has a great built-in coffee system to offer. It has a milk frother plus is plumbed in, so you never have to worry about refilling the water reservoir. You can program 10 different user settings, too.

Price Range: $6000-$6500

Bosch BCM8450UC

wolf coffee machine alternatives

With their patented AromaSwirl technology, the Bosch built-in coffee system lets you customize your beverage exactly to your liking. You can ground whole beans or brew fresh grounds. It’s not plumbed in, so you do have to remember to refill the water tank.

Price Range: $4000-$4500

Thermador TCM24RS

Thermador TCM24RS

This machine is built-in and plumbed in which means you never have to refill the water tank and you can enjoy barista-style drinks every day. With a built-in milk frother, you can make cappuccinos, espresso, lattes, and more.

Price Range: $3500-$4000


Question: Does Wold make a coffee maker?

Answer: Yes, Wolf does make a coffee maker! If you’re a longtime fan of Wolf products, the Wolf coffee maker is a must-have addition to your home. You’ll have your choice between a Wolf coffee system and a coffee maker. The coffee system offers more features but is more expensive. The coffee maker is cheaper and still programmable but missing some key features of the coffee system.

Question: How much does a Wolf built-in coffee maker cost?

Answer: A Wolf built-in coffee maker varies in cost depending on where you buy the product. If you’re buying from Wolf’s official website, your built-in coffee maker should cost between $3500 – $4000. While the price tag is pretty hefty, Wolt coffee makers will last for many, many years. Not to mention, you’ll be brewing coffee like a pro.

Question: How do I clean my Wolf coffee maker?

Answer: Cleaning your Wolf coffee maker will be very simple as long as you follow a few easy steps. You’ll need vinegar to be able to clean this coffee maker the way the manufacturer recommends. Here’s how it’s done:
Answer: Cleaning your Wolf coffee maker will be very simple as long as you follow a few easy steps. You’ll need vinegar to be able to clean this coffee maker the way the manufacturer recommends. Here’s how it’s done: • Take the water filter out of the reservoir • Turn the mode selector bezel to the option that says “clean”. • Pour 3/4 cup vinegar in the reservoir adding cold water next until the “clean” line is reached. • Put the water reservoir in its normal place in the coffee system. • Press the start/stop button, so your screen displays a three and starts a 20-minute timer • Once the cycle has ended, you will see the screen displays e words “more water”. • Take the water reservoir out and fill it with cold water to the CLEAN line again. • Put the water reservoir back in the coffee system. • Press the start/stop button, so your screen displays a two and starts a 5-minute timer. • Once this cycle has ended, you will see the screen displays the words “add water”. • Take the water reservoir out and fill it with cold water to the CLEAN line again. • Put the water reservoir back in the coffee system. •Once this cycle has ended, empty the carafe and put the water filter back into the water reservoir.

In Conclusion

Did you enjoy learning about Wolf coffee makers? Whether you’re a new customer or a loyal fan of Wolf products, a Wolf coffee system is essential for a home café. We’ve discussed some background information about Wolf and the benefits of owning a Wolf coffee maker.

We even showed you our top 3 picks for Wolf coffee makers, so you can buy one today. If you have a Wolf coffee maker and you’d like to share some helpful tips, please comment below! For more great coffee tips, check out our guide to the best small espresso machines!

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