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Crystal Schwanke

Crystal Schwanke is completely obsessed with coffee and enjoys "traveling the world" with the help of the magical beans. She drags her family to every coffee shop she can squeeze into the trip when they travel and has an embarrassing amount of coffee-making gear vying for space in her kitchen.

Our Favorite Lavazza Espresso Machines (Plus Alternatives)

There are two Lavazza espresso machines to easily choose from on the United States site: the Classy Mini and the LB 2317. If you already know you want the Lavazza brand, your decision won’t be too daunting.

Both are wonderful machines, but choosing the best Lavazza espresso machine for your personal needs will boil down to your budget and how many people you need to serve—or shots of espresso the machine will need to make–per day, as well as whether you want the machine to froth the milk for you.

The Main Differences Between the Classy Mini and the LB 2317

  • The Classy Mini is meant for individual use, whereas the LB 2317  is designed for more frequent use in restaurants
  • The Classy Mini costs around $199, whereas the LB 2317 costs around $399 making it more expensive.
  • The Classy Mini weighs 7.7 pounds, whereas the LB 2317 weighs 13.23 pounds
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How to Find the Best Puerto Rican Coffee

The best Puerto Rican coffee is rich and chocolatey. It’s smooth, full-bodied, and low in acidity. If that sounds like your perfect brew, you’ll want to know how to find the best Puerto Rican coffee.

What to Look for in a Puerto Rican Coffee

puerto rican coffee

In your pursuit of the best Puerto Rican coffee, what should you even be looking for and taking into consideration as you search and eventually sip? There will be differences from one bag and brand to the next, but the best Puerto Rican coffees share a lot of common threads. Some things may be more pronounced in one brew than another, and vice-versa.

Here are some of the things you can expect when you try Puerto Rican coffee:

  • Sweetness
  • Chocolatey undertones
  • Fruit (namely plum and citrus)
  • Slight
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